I’m still a happy non-smoker!


Cassandra K.


The Dream over: My first year, Happy Nonsmoker ! Thank you, Dana Stone!


Larry C.


It was great to be in the class. Thanks to Dana Stone, I am a happy non smoker!


Jack Y.


Thank you Dana! I am a happy non-smoker. I didn’t think it was possible. I feel so much better!


Linda B.


Thank you, life has sure changed course. Very Lucky that you showed me that door after being unsuccessful so many times.


Tom B.


I just wanted you to know I am still smoke Free! I can’t believe it. You were right I am so much happier!


Mike H.


I am grateful to be a happy non smoker! Thank you for everything! You made it easy.


John R.


Thank you so much Dana for all of your great advice. It helped me get through it and I finally feel like a true happy non-smoker.


Tammie S.

– 2/25/2017

3 months happy non-smoker as of Monday. Headed to Disney to celebrate my little one's birthday on the money I saved from not smoking! Thank you!


Mary M.


You are the best smoking cessation coach EVER! A visionary, perhaps??? I don't know. I NEVER thought things could be this easy/freeing! Im finally moving and shaking with this new and transformational thinking.


Sharon P.


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