About Dana


Dana V StoneDana was a heavy smoker for over 27 years. She was convinced that she “loved” smoking. She tried many times to quit, but did not have a lot of success. She was so addicted physically and mentally, that it was just too difficult. She knew she “should” quit; It was the logical thing to do for her health, work and social life, but the addiction had such a strong hold over her she found it impossible.

Dana studied life transformational principles for over 20 years and eventually became a full time transformational life coach. She went through a 2 year training program and was certified as a Life Mastery Consultant by the Life Mastery Institute.

Using transformational principles she was able to quit smoking after 27 years and has stayed smoke free for over 7 years! She didn’t just quit she transformed into a happy non-smoker.

As a tobacco trained specialist Dana has helped hundreds of people to quit smoking. She combines her training as a transformational life coach with her training as a tobacco treatment specialist to offer a new and easy way to coach her clients to transform into happy nonsmokers. Her wish is that they experience the freedom and vitality that she now enjoys. She knows that every smoker and tobacco user is far more powerful than their addiction.

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